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Your partners to assist you in establishing and operating your own fully regulated hedge fund in the shortest possible time.
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The hedge fund ecosystem offered by Ancova Capital Management offers everything you need when putting together and operating a fund with minimal distractions.

A legal and regulatory structure that adapts to an ever-changing environment.

Providing brokerage-access, trading infrastructures, and systems at a low cost that do not restrict performance.

From trading to back-office to legal and compliance, we have tier-one partners, a global expert team, and international experience to cover everything.

Our services are provided whether you trade traditional securities or digital assets.

The Ancova Capital Management Hedge Fund Platform manages every aspect of your hedge fund, so you can focus on your investors and performance. As you succeed and grow, it gives you the flexibility to develop your fund to its maximum potential. As well as traditional securities, we offer this service for funds trading digital assets.



The Platform provides the following default legal regulatory and operational infrastructure

  • Onboard with our fund administration system
  • Integrate seamlessly with our institutional brokerage platforms
  • Managing your relationships with legal and market advisors
  • Regulatory license sponsorship
  • Management of your trading and order routing systems
  • Bloomberg onboarding and report maintenance
  • Providing a front-to-back hedge fund infrastructure
  • From the beginning, your fund will be able to handle high demand
  • Attract sophisticated investors with a tier-one solution
  • An integrated and flexible trading infrastructure
  • Access to direct markets with a dedicated trade desk
  • Reduce distractions by having dedicated staff handle your back and middle office
  • For the convenience of your investors, we offer a regulated fund
  • License to act as an investment fund manager issued by CIMA (Cayman)
  • A seamless transition from a small to a full scope AIF structure
  • Cayman-based fund registered with the the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority for global onshore and
          offshore investors
  • Complete legal segregation through an Incorporated Cell under the regulated ACM SPC umbrella
          structure or as standalone fund
  • The all-in-one back office solution
  • An integrated back office for all markets, brokers, connections, and products
  • Customized reports and confirmations
  • A customized back office support service
  • Shared infrastructure that reduces costs
  • Full visibility of formation costs
  • Costs for infrastructural support defined in advance
  • Costs associated with auditing and fund administration as an aggregate
  • Preferential Rates for transaction costs and prime brokerage fees, regardless of fund size
  • Live and Approved
  • Combined over 30+ years serving institutional clients in 30+ countries
  • Formation time? We’ll have you trading your own hedge fund within 4 to 6 weeks
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    Ancova Capital Management's hedge fund ecosystem delivers seamless operations and maximum focus, eliminating distractions for fund managers.

    Kyle R.

    Great stuff, great team, easy and fast set up

    Sophia A.

    With Ancova Capital Management's comprehensive suite of services, fund managers can concentrate on success, free from unnecessary distractions.

    Stephen B.


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